Satisfied with less


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This record is the result of our lifes and friendship, of our families and friends who supported us and all the faces who gave us shelter, beer and made shows possible.

This record covers the great time of the last two years and will always be linked to thoughts of everyone of you. Thank you.


released November 14, 2013

All songs are written and performed by ROLLERGIRLS.

Recorded and mixed in our bedrooms and in the basement of Oetinger Villa Darmstadt, Germany by ROLLERGIRLS from May to September 2013.

Mastered by Daniel Husayn.

Artwork and layout by Benedikt Demmer. (
Cover photo by Flo Ruehl. (
Inlay photo by Johanna Schulte.
ROLLERGIRLS are Dave (Bass), Chris (Guitar), Nick (Drums).

Released on vinyl by Fear of Heights Records.
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ROLLERGIRLS Darmstadt, Germany

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Track Name: Idiot
I don't know why
but your he-man quote made my head go weird
it didn't let me follow the beat of the band that played
on that concert we both went to
on that night my arm broke
and your hand touched mine

now I am sitting alone on my bed
waiting for my messenger to reconnect
hopefully recieve a less than three
it's all about less than threes and broken arms
Track Name: Snail
and all of the sudden the little snail flew to the moon and back again. to asia and america, to europe and australia. she flew around the world twice a day but she thought of one thing on all her way: it was you, who always believed in two beautiful wings on her back - never forget.
Track Name: Giant
we are trapped inside
this shall be our place to hide
flickering rays of the sun
in our bones the reflex to run

this could be all or nothing

I go first to distract his senses
you climb on his back
take my sword
stick it deep in his neck

when he goes to ground
we go for his eye
cut it off, eat it raw

open the door
let's get this giant down

this is our plan for tonite
this is our plan to survive
Track Name: Satisfied with less
I do my best again not being the best in
anything and I stop comparing
the one I am with the one I want to be

this is me
always a mountain to climb
this is me
trying hard to remember the ones I’ve left behind
acknowledge my progress and be satisfied with less
Track Name: Bombs
here i am sitting, catching the ball again and again. and if there are a billion, i will throw them all in the air. knowing the gravity will pass them back to me someday. and if there are a billion, i will throw them all in the air. the supervillains are preparing their weapons all over the world, but no supervillain will ever break our own will. they will throw bombs towards our faces on our houses and other loved places. and if there are a billion we will throw them all in the air.
Track Name: Lolcats & Handshakes
So I sat there for half an hour straight, staring at the screen. When an RSVP popped up reminding me about your birthday and I wondered what connects us anymore but lolcats and handshakes and the fact that we once had a common friend.
Track Name: Everything will work out
alot has been sung about broken hearts and broken minds and friends I will never forget.
and some time has passed since I was sitting here. catching this bouncy ball “again and again”.

it’s so easy
to always say yes I can
but the only
thing I can is letting friends down
so please forgive me
I always think I will loose someone by saying no I can’t
how I drowned in a swamp of promises I could not keep
how I was disappointed with myself
and I kept me locked in the dark
in the hope that everything will work out with me not being here but time has passed and I never lost a friend by saying “no I can’t”
Track Name: Bastard
sparkles everywhere. the grass, the trees, the sun. that's where I met her, an old lady carrying the weight of her ages. telling me the stories of days, she will never forget. telling me the stories of days, when she lived as a child on a farm somewhere. that's where I met her, an old lady carrying the weight of her ages. telling me the stories of days, she will never forget. telling me the stories of days. but hitler was a bastard. of sunny days like these, when she played hide and seek in the shelter beneath the house.
Track Name: Days
there are days it rains. there are days it snows. there are days I stay in bed and keep the door closed. when the telephone rings until it's dead. when minutes become hours and emails stay unread. on these days my mind keeps telling me: "there will be no other day when you'll be happy!" but here is today. and today is not one of these days. my mind stays mute and I, I stay. the light in my room is filled with warmth. it feels safe and when I look into my arms. I see her eyes, her wild hair everywhere. and even the teeth in her smile, when I look at her.
Track Name: Summer
do you remember when
she moved to the other side of earth
and you, who cried about her not being here
do you remember when
you went to hospital for three months
when you thought the whole world would become another
do you remember when
we drank until the sun rose twice
and all we needed was the next line to survive

And the first time you saw her smile
you felt love that would never die
you thought it would last forever
more naive than ever
and you, who found out it won’t

now, we're still here
and those who died or disappeared
will always be with us
and those who did not
will fill our heads with thoughts
about our next past summer